1. Teen pregnancy rate falls 42.6 percent after UK cuts sex-ed, birth-control funding: study

    The Effect of Spending Cuts on Teen Pregnancy" analyzed data in England before and after contraceptive-based sex-ed expenditures were slashed. Researchers David Paton of Nottingham University Business School and Liam Wright of the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield led the study, published in The Journal of Health Economics. England has been forced to make severe …Read More

  2. What’s In A Name (Abstinence Without Hyphens)

    By Scott Phelps Abstinence education is spreading dramatically across the country as more and more teens embrace the message that saving sex for marriage is the safest and healthiest lifestyle. However, there is a fair amount of uncertainty as to what to call these programs. Some of the most common labels are: Abstinence-Only Education Abstinence-Until-Marriage Education Abstinence-Only-Until-Marr…Read More

  3. Marriage Is The Great Equalizer For Blacks

    By Roland Warren As a happily married man, I have been troubled by the oft-stated myth that the institution of wedlock has never been central to the African-American heritage. Unfortunately, this view has permeated the African-American community and society at large. Now, it may be single-handedly holding back blacks in their pursuit of social, economic and educational progress. According to testi…Read More

  4. Marriage Is For White People

    3/26/2006 By Joy Jones © 2006 The Washington Post Company I grew up in a time when two-parent families were still the norm, in both black and white America. Then, as an adult, I saw divorce become more commonplace, then almost a rite of passage. Today it would appear that many — particularly in the black community — have dispensed with marriage altogether. But as a black…Read More

  5. Abstinence & Marriage: A Clear Link

    A 2008 study by Dr. Bradford Wilcox, Ph.D., entitled, “A Scientific Review of Abstinence and Abstinence Programs,” provides clear and compelling research which supports the central thesis behind A&M Partnership: namely that abstinence is not merely about avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but more significantly it is about helping teens prepare for a future marri…Read More

  6. Clarity on Cohabitation Report

    by Glenn T. Stanton, Focus on the Family Download two page PDF USATODAY: “Report: Cohabiting Has Little Effect on Marriage Success” The New York Times: “Study Finds Cohabiting Doesn’t Make Unions Last” Two stories on the same report published the same day in two very different kinds of newspapers with completely opposite conclusion. Interesting! So which one gets the …Read More

  7. Marriage as a Feminist Institution

    by Glenn T. Stanton, Focus on the Family Download two page PDF Students of the family must consider and appreciate how marriage operates as a formative institution and how this vital quality of marriage empowers women. Marriage as a Formative Institution Marriage is qualitatively unique from other relationships – particularly unmarried cohabitation – because it requires something of th…Read More

  8. Marriage is the Missing Message

    By Scott Phelps The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) has released new data showing that teen birth rates have fallen once again and now stand at an all-time recorded low. This good news is muted, however, by the fact that many of these teens will eventually go on to bear children out-of-wedlock once they reach their twenties. According to the NCHS, the U.S. has just reached an all time…Read More

  9. Most Students Choose Abstinence

    Two-thirds of high school students are not currently sexually active Most high school students have never had sexual intercourse Rates of teen births have decreased Rates of teen abortions have decreased  What the Data Shows  A large majority (2/3) of high school students in the U.S. are not currently sexually active and most students (52%) have never had sexual intercourse.  As the…Read More

  10. Three Keys for Talking About Teen Pregnancy

    By Scott Phelps On the cover of the current issue of OK magazine, Jamie Lynn Spears proclaims:  “I’m pregnant.”  Spears is the sixteen year old sister of pop star Brittany Spears, and star of the popular Nickelodeon TV show “Zoey 101.”  Now media outlets are issuing the obligatory “talk to your kids about contraception” (See for example, &ld…Read More