A & M Partnership

A&M Partnership

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Available Program Curricula

» Game Plan Curriculum
Grades 6-9. Using sports analogy to help students strategically set goals.

» Quest Curriculum
Grades 7-10. 
Using true stories to help students along life's journey.

» Aspire Curriculum
Grades 8 - 12. Encourages students to seek future goals including education, marriage & famly life.

» Navigator Curriculum
Grades 9 - 12. Students encouraged to navigate their way to a healthy, successful future.

» Excel Curriculum
Grades 8 - 12. Faith Based. Bible study resource for churches, Christian schools, & pregnancy centers.

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 7th – 10th Grade Curriculum

“An Adventurous Journey”

Quest, the abstinence curriculum for 8th graders, uses true stories to help students along life’s journey. Practical instruction helps students identify their future goals, such as marriage and family, and avoid obstacles such as sexual activity and other risk behaviors that could keep them from achieving their goals.

Teacher’s Guide includes notes, classroom activities, and Resource CD with Power Point.

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“Quest is phenomenal … It is what we educators need for middle school students. The activities and stories will capture their attention, focus their attention on their future and encourage them to make some plans. Thanks so much for all you do.”

Don Horstman, Educator, Iowa