Available Program Curricula
Game Plan Curriculum

Grades 6-9. Using sports analogy to help students strategically set goals.

Quest Curriculum

Grades 7-10. Using true stories to help students along life's journey.

Aspire Curriculum

Grades 8 - 12. Encourages students to seek future goals including education, marriage & famly life.

Navigator Curriculum

Grades 9 - 12. Students encouraged to navigate their way to a healthy, successful future.

Excel Curriculum

Grades 8 - 12. Faith Based. Bible study resource for churches, Christian schools, & pregnancy centers.

Grades 8 – 12 Curriculum

“Live Your Life. Be Free.”

Aspire encourages students to seek their future goals, including educational and financial success, as well as healthy future marriage and family life.

Teacher’s Guide included with this high school abstinence curriculum comes with additional research, classroom activities, and Resource CD with power point.

“Your talks had a huge impact on me. I have been thinking a lot about my life and choices. You guys have changed my relationship with my girlfriend. I told her I wanted more communication. It was cool to hear about her life and her dreams. We also decided to wait on sex and it feels like a huge weight was lifted. Now I have goals, a better relationship with my girlfriend, and I’m happy. Thank you so much!”