Parents For Truth

The National Abstinence Education Association (NAEA) produced this video, Parents For Truth, to expose the reality of sex education being taught in public schools, frequently without the knowledge of parents. 

State laws are being changed throughout the country to require certain teaching in regards to abstinence, and some may surprise you. Be sure to talk with your children about what you want them to choose, and talk with the school about what you want taught in the classroom.

If you are interested in meeting with your school administrators about teaching abstinence, please contact us. We would be happy to provide resources and talking points to help you inform and educate the school about the objective benefits of teaching abstinence.

NBC Chicago News: Sex Info

A texting service to help teens make good sexual choices may be coming to Chicago.

Listen to what A&M Partnership’s Communications Director Debbie Chun has to say about this new service.

Scott Phelps Video

Scott Phelps is a nationally known author and trainer.  He travels throughout the country equipping teachers, parents, youth organizations, health departments, pregnancy centers, and more.

Mr. Phelps has dedicated his life to inspiring hope for teenagers to have a healthy future marriage.  If you’re interested in scheduling Mr. Phelps to train your staff, keynote or workshop at a conference, or speak at a fundraising banquet, please contact us.

"Scott Did You Wait?"

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Recently I found myself in New York on the set of The Joy Behar Show (CNN Headline News) seated alongside Naomi Wolf, a noted feminist and advisor to Al Gore during his campaign. Having watched many of these shows on TV, I was determined to be polite and not to cut others off to speak. Which means I didn’t say much… You learn.

The most awkward exchange was when Naomi turned to me and said: “What about you? Scott, did you wait until you were married?” My good friend Lakita Garth Wright, interviewed via satellite, had already said that she had waited. So after stammering a bit I answered: “It doesn’t matter if I did or didn’t. My subjective experience does not change the fact that everything we teach is objective factual truth, based on research. The fact is that saving all sexual activity for marriage is the safest, healthiest choice regardless of my personal experience.” I really wanted to say, “Yes I waited.” So why not say that?

I speak to hundreds of school teachers, youth pastors, and parents around the country. Many of whom did not wait, and therefore, feel like they can’t talk to teens about this. My goal is to help them understand that truth is unchanged by their experience. Anyone can teach abstinence to teens—not just those who waited. I did not want to affirm Naomi’s premise that only those who I are able to teach abstinence.

If you waited for marriage, great. Tell your children it’s possible, it’s worth it, and it’s a great decision to make. If you didn’t wait, let them know that you have learned from your mistakes, and that if you had a chance to do it over again, you would surely wait for marriage.

In the elevator on our way out of CNN Tower, I turned to Naomi and said, “By the way, I did wait.” She asked why I didn’t say that on the interview. “Because,” I said to her, “It’s not about me. It’s about truth.”

I was also recently interviewed by Moody Radio and Focus on the Family about the new administration cutting off all federal funding for abstinence programs. Our funding will now end in year two of a five year grant. In September we will lose the largest component of our annual budget: $480,000. I wish I could say that money is going back to tax payers, but no. These funds will now go toward teaching teens how to use condoms and teach them about “alternative lifestyles.” Nothing positive will be said about marriage and this is the greatest tragedy. But we’re not giving up because TRUTH is needed now more than ever. We’re committed to teaching teens that marriage matters and that it’s worth waiting for.